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About Us

We know how difficult it is to get in shape, so we designed products that make fitness easy for everyone! Burn fat, build muscle, and recover from injuries fast from the comfort of your own home with BoldBands™ Fitness Accessories!

Founded in 2017, BoldBands™ Pty Ltd is located in the sunny city of Los Angeles, California. In the same year, it established itself in one of the front runners of the fitness industry by producing products with high quality apparel.

Since then BoldBands™ has expanded worldwide to become one of the largest providers of fitness equipment, warehousing in the UK, USA, HK and AUS.

BoldBands™ has an advanced goal-orientated R&D team and focuses on the professional and deep development of the products. 

Company Statement:
Today is better, tomorrow is more expecting. Unity and progress will certainly make BoldBands™ more colorful tomorrow.

Company Values:
Quality first, customer first, full service, benefit sharing.

Company Policy:
Continuous innovation, advanced technology, excellent quality, 100% satisfaction.

Company Wish:
Make quality and price first-class products, to establish the most valuable high-end fitness consumer brand together with customer.

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