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Final Order Update + Status

Hello all,

If you are receiving this email it is because you filled out our form for a tracking number and/or other order issues.

This is just a quick update to provide you with more information regarding your current orders.

We have developed a page that reflects all the current updates as we fulfill all orders, replacement orders, and cancellations/refunds.

As per the entire operation, this comes at a significant cost to us and we are slowly receiving partial refunds from the supplier which allows us to process this, albeit at a slow pace.
We would love to be able to process all of this in an instant and have this done with, however, this is not possible, and everyone's patience and understanding are most appreciated throughout.

This is where we are currently up to:


The Green tables represent completed items, yellow are the ones currently in progress and the plain white are still yet to complete.

The green table has been complete, however, there was a small delay on Irish orders due to hundreds of orders without a postcode. This was something our staff had to search for and update manually.

Many UK orders have been received and many still on the way, we had hoped most would have arrived by yesterday but at the very latest should arrive early this coming week.

As for new tracking numbers, we have had a few issues trying to replace the current ones, and are hoping to have this rectified this weekend or otherwise, we will have to host a text file with them on the page for you to view them on Monday.

We have put our estimated dates on completing all of the projects, and we are trying our best to match these. We are confident we will be close to all of them, but as you can see from the red text that a couple have gone a little longer than expected.

I know the patience of most of you has been tested throughout, but please bear with us as we get these sorted for you.

For some, it has had you question our legitimacy, and rightfully so, but if you feel that we can't be trusted please check our Instagram and Facebook to see some customers have received new items already and are very happy with them.

As mentioned previously we are preparing a batch of branded freebies that will be sent out later this month for the customers in the green and yellow tables for their considerable order delays.

At the end of the day, we are responsible for some of the decisions made in regards to meeting demands, advertising, and navigating Covid.

We have learned many lessons the hard way, and our staff have been literally pushed to the limits day after day to try and get this rectified as soon as possible.
As customers, many of you do deserve better, and you have our promise that despite this lengthy wait we will continue to try and make your future bands experience a positive one.

If you do not find your order number on that page and believe it should be there, please respond to this email and we will look into it for you.

Many thanks for your understanding and patience.

Your Boldbands Team x

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