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Hello once again Boldbands Customers,


Again, let me start by sayin thank you to everyone, the majority of you are extremely patient people, and throughout the unchartered waters of Covid and 2020, Boldbands are grateful to be associated with such amazing people. We sincerely apologize for any delays throughout May, and as per the email below, we endeavor to make it up to all of you.

This email may not apply to all of you, but for many it should come as a welcoming email giving peace of mind that we are in the process of rectifying things.

Contract Termination, Quality & Shipping

Effective immediately, we have terminated the contract with the outsourcing supplier, and will be seeking for refunds and damages.
We have reason to believe that some items that were not up to Boldbands standard, and giving us updates for RF/UF/LE tracking numbers were taking too long.

Customers with RV/UF/LE and even some YT numbers that show shipment received, or have not moved since you received these numbers we will be re-issuing these orders beginning directly with our own stock immediately. We sincerely apologize for the delay and the back and forth emails trying to locate where the packages are. You have waited long enoughwe will prioritize these shipments which I can ensure will be delivered quickly, and in addition we will be sending you out some freebies for the delay. We have 1000 units in stock ready to go AND better quality than we have advertised.

Customers that ordered in May between dates (1st - 28th of May), if you received your bands and had clips like this:

 (although same appearance as what is on our product pageand/or poor handles please fill in the following form immediately and include pictures and a description so we can verify the product you received:

Many of you may be happy with the product, but we have reason to believe that many of these are sub-par quality, and not a quality we wish to uphold, we will be re-issuing new bands to you guys.
For those fortunate enough to have good sets and have already properly tested them, you will still receive a new set and can combine to increase the resistance and range of exercises.

For any customers that have received goods, are of good quality, but believe you have waited significantly longer than our shipping times suggest, please fill out the following form and we too will make it up to you by issuing some freebies out to you:


Rectifying Timeline

This is all well said and good, but what is the timeline, when can I expect my bands and/or freebies to arrive?

We will do our best to try and give you an accurate timeline for each of the above scenarios, please bear in mind we have sold near enough to over 10,000 customers during April/May period.

With the current logistics, all re-issued orders should only take 1-8 days to arrive once shipped.
RV/UF/LE order reissues we hope to have completed by 15/06
Replacements orders from May to be completed by 17/06
Any further refunds to be completed by 21/06

All Freebies in the works and will be distributed in a couple of weeks time

We understand that there is a bit of a spread, we would love to have this rectified immediately, but we hope you can appreciate it is a tonne of work, and a huge financial cost to be able to process this. Your patience thus far has been incredibly valued, and we will work around the clock to complete these as fast as possible.
We want to make sure everyone has a set first and foremost, and do not wish to make anyone wait any longer than they have to.

In addition to all of the above, those that have been extremely patient will be added to an exclusive email list whereby you will be first notified of any restocks and new items first.

FREE Loopbands

For the people who have already been inundated into the Bold Club and would love some FREE loopbands, we are calling on you to help us out!
Given the delays we have experienced, it has brought out some of the worst in people who have gone to great lengths to ruin our reputation despite our best efforts to reason with them.

We have 200 sets of loop bands to give away completely for FREE, and all you have to do is host a story on your Instagram using your bands (5-10 second video), tag us @bold.bands so that we can add it to our story profile (you may need to make your profile temporarily public to do this).


Loopbands are fantastic for stretching, building strength and mobility.

Here is an Instagram example of one of our customers who tagged us, Kevin, aka dad_strength_fitness, showing a unique way of using the ankle straps and a pole to do bicep curls!

Not only will your videos prove all the haters wrong, but it would be awesome to catch you guys in action, show what the Bold Club is made of, and perhaps demonstrate your unique ways of using your bands :)

If you fear you get to this email late and miss out on this opportunity for some FREE loopbandsdrop us a line and we will let you know once if have received 200 entries.

A couple more things in the works

We will be opening what we call the Boldbands Workshop in a couple of weeks' time which will allow customers to purchase extra bands (for more resistance) or more handles, straps, and other unique attachments such as Bicep curl bars.
If you have any other attachment ideas please get in touch and let us know.

We also anticipate a restocking of loop bands, the Elite resistance bands set and ab wheels (to complement the band workout) this month.

As per the previous email, we have unofficially launched our affiliate marketing program, offering a generous 15% commission for any sales attributed to you, for life. For further details please visit the affiliate link, a more detailed email will be coming soon:

And thats a wrap. We are finally on the road to getting things back on track, and we will do our best now to look after all of you.
If you need item replacements or have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Your Boldbands Team x

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